Summer plans in the Botanical Garden of Meise in Belgium

In addition to visiting Bruges or, Ghent enjoying the charm of Flanders, it is also interesting to spend someday to discover the capital, Brussels. If you have the opportunity and are looking for an interesting excursion, you will love summer plans at the Botanical Garden of Meise in Belgium.

The National Botanical Garden of Belgium is located in the town that gives it its name, Meise, located in the northern part of the country, in the region called Flemish Brabant. Before he was in Brussels but the facilities and his research work and the arrival of the World War made his move to Meise advisable.

Today, this Botanical Garden that is located just 3 kilometers from the famous Atomium and a short distance from Brussels is a paradise for lovers of plants and nature, with about 100 hectares.

It is totally visitable and in addition to the maintenance activity of these plants, it is dedicated to scientific research in botany and horticulture, with some wonders brought from the herbarium of the Belgian Congo museum (a former colony of this country) now integrated with the collections of the Botanical Garden.

During the summer season, when visits to the European country increase, and also visits to these magnificent gardens, informative and leisure activities are organized for those who come to see this site. These are the ones scheduled for the next days of August, although on its website you can find many activities that take place throughout the year.

1. The winged night

On Saturday, August 24, the Botanical Garden will remain open until midnight for a romantic evening full of winged creatures: butterflies, moths, bats, night flowering plants … and picnics under the starry sky.

2. Early morning dew walk

On Sunday, August 25, you can participate in the dew walk, leaving early in the morning or surrender completely to nature during an investment activity in the forest. These are activities designed to enjoy with the family that all children will like.

3. Guided Route Magic Walk

Trees have always played a central role in human life. Sacred trees are found throughout the centuries among all peoples. In this activity, you can learn a lot about our relationship with trees throughout human history.

This walk is about the symbolism of trees, the rituals of pre-Christian natural faith, as well as the rituals that can often be found in our daily lives: Christmas trees, May trees, birth trees

4. Treasure hunt

Armed with a mobile phone that has Google Maps, we can play the treasure hunt, taking into account the clues that we will find along the way. An entertaining way to go through the different spaces, enjoying all the varieties of flora that this Garden houses.

All these activities are excellent summer plans that perfectly justify the escape to Maise to know this great Botanical Garden that is worth visiting.

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